Wednesday, July 23, 2008

i am back and i am hawt!

your attention please!

i'm back. it's been ages since i wrote my last entry and it was even a blah entry. i had so many photo shoots lined up, my blog had to take a backseat. all weekends of july, i was doing shoots for my friends and fyi, i'm fully booked until august. i'll share those photos in another entry. i have to say this. while i'm writing this entry, i am almost drooling. i just got my braces adjusted and the wires are so tight, it feels like i have hundred tootache all at the same time. my mouth is producing saliva every 3 seconds (sorry that was gross). enough about that.

meanwhile, i just want you all to know that i am back. i got this lovely lovely welcome back present from fellow bloger and friend kiss the bitch:

it's good to know that i still have my magic as your attention wore. thank y'all!

peace out.

ps: i'm so excited for my next entry but i am not sure if i should post it or not. we'll see.


sassy said...

hey gabby!!
so you'll have a juicy entry for me and all the other hungry hyenas out here....=)

glad you're back ;)

Erika said...

i guess it's been a blah period for the blog world since almost everyone is busy and stuff. :P

can you eat well naman wit the braces?

mygreenboi said...

yes, i can still eat even with the braces. i just can't chew my food properly. but, gosh it still hurts everytime i bite.