Monday, June 23, 2008

take me to badian

your attention please!

i know it's already the rainy season. but there's something about badian that makes me wish it's still summer. i, along with my friends and work peers, visited this lovely get away last june 14th. it's such a beautiful place. i insist on taking you all for a quick tour.

please take me back to badian.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

512 and still counting

your attention please!

i'm so excited right now. i didn't believe it myself. but it's really happening. so what am i talking about? i'm talking about this.

last march i got 328 hits for my friendster account. i thought this was going to be my all time high. but like they always say, the best is yet to come.

and poof! just like that, i opened my friendster account today and oh em gee!!! i receive a whopping (drum roll please) 512 hits! impossible? NOT! take a look at this baby:

june hasn't really closed yet, so i'm really excited what will be my final tally for this month. is this exciting or what? i think i'm the only person who's really excited. but i don't care. you know, little things excite me and this is definitely one of them. i should probably run a fund raising of some sort. for every hit i receive, i will be donating something to a charitable institution somewhere. but, that's too much i guess. i prefer to just write about this whole thing and make a big deal about it.

this is such a cool thing. this whole friendster hits things really puts me in a spot and validates me as your attention whore. yey! 512 profile views. imagine that's like 22 hits per day. yes, i know my math. that's like 512 spread over 23 days so far for the month of june.

now, if only i could figure out a way to also increase my hits for my blogspot account... (",)

Monday, June 16, 2008

the checklist of the checklist

your attention please!

i was in a bind last week, i was almost overwhelmed with so many things to do. i had a checklist as a matter of fact. so here's a follow-up entry, a checklist of the checklist.

i'm already done with item # 1. i've already posted the photos in my multiply page. here's a sampler:

those cheekbones are to die for! there's more of them. so, when you have time, visit my multiply page. just click here. there are still some unprocessed photos, but these photos will never end up being posted (sigh) anyway. this was the request of my subject, who i fondly call as the chinese (not the english) patient. so, i'm technically done but not really. i know i'm confusing you. let's leave it that way.

i'm still doing item #2. in fairness to me, you can't expect somebody to stort through 147 songs in just on seating you know. 147 songs @ probably 4 minutes each equals 9 hours and more. i'm midway through the playlist. i already have a few favorites. among them are songs from chico sci (i'm not sure if they're local or not) and some songs from other bands. i still have 60 or 70 more songs to go. so, rock on!

items 3 and 4 are a goner. i had so much fun in badian. i'll be posting those photos really soon after i'm done working with the photos i took from the awards night (as mentioned in item #5). as for the photoshoot, it went really well. i've already picked which photos to post. i just need to process them. i'll be able to take care of this once i'm done with our badian photos. see how organized i am? one after the other, awards night photos then badian photos and then lastly the photo set from my most recent photoshoot.

we're down to the last item, item #5: what did i wear last friday?

here's what i wore:

i had to rest my yashmaghs for that night since it was a coat and tie event. i didn't want to wear something really formal so i just threw a cardigan over this black polo that went with a tie. so, it was still a coat and tie number (i think), but very contemporary, not really formal. these photos were taken by my co-team manager inside the office. the composition is perfect don't you agree? she could be a photographer too. i'm so happy my managers and colleagues are supportive (or probably tolerant) of me. as a token of my gratitude, i'd like to give them a first look of their picture together with, no less than, our GM (wearing the violet gown) during the awards night:

aren't they lovely? of course they are. i have fabulous friends you know.

fyi: your attention whore was not in this photo. i was the person behind the lens when this shot was taken. tsk, tsk, one of the downsides of being a photographer. to my dear colleagues, watch out for the complete photo set. i'll be uploading them soon!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

this OC needs some organization

your attention please!

i need some serious organization.

the past few days have been crazy, i've been thrown off balance because i had to change schedules for monday and tuesday to attend an off-site training sponsored and paid by my company (it's the john maxwell leadership summit. sweet!). my body clock has not really reverted to it's normal state and i have had troubles sleeping. i am a normally organized person but i don't get to seem to practice this lately. i'm not sure if it's because i'm sleep deprived, or probably i've become unorganized for the past few days because i've become lazy. thankfully, my office responsibilities are not affected because i still meet my deadlines (kudos to me! you can even ask my boss.). but i have a lot of pending things to do, they are:

1. edit photos from a photo shoot 2 weeks ago. i think i'm midway through the photo set now. but, there's just alot of things to do with the photos, i can't seem to finish it. i've already favorited some photos. actually there's just a few of them, 5 or 8 but it needs some editing primarily because of poor lighting. i plan to complete and finish the editing by sunday so i can post them on monday. the photo on the left is a sneak peek of the shoot. cedric used my ixus to capture the behind the scenes during the shoot.

2. organize my ipod. a good friend recently DL'd songs for me. i have listened to some of the songs but i have not really started moving these songs to my ipod. the selection is really interesting, i have a good feeling i'll enjoy listening to them. but for now, it's still stuck in this small usb stick. i plan to start doing this today just in time for my badian weekend. i plan to listen to the music during the travel to and fro badian, take down mental notes for any song detail that needs correction. i pay attention to the title of the song, the artist's name, whether the spelling is correct or not, categorize each song and attach an an artwork. you know the album cover. quality is also important. when i organize my ipod, i don't simply dump the song in a general playlist, i assign them a particular playlist for ease of finding. i also make sure i don't duplicate songs in my ipod. any duplicate shall be deleted.

3. pack my stuff for the weekend. remember that badian trip that was postponed at the eleventh hour? it's going to push through this saturday. arggh! i haven't even thought of what to bring with me. i'm not even sure if i still have my toiletry kit for the trip. i keep a separate toiletry kit dedicated just for travel purposes. i'm not even sure if the clothes i plan to bring are in my closet. which reminds me, my clothes are still inside a plastic bag. the laundry woman dropped by last monday and wednesday and i haven't took them out from the plastic bags yet. er, this is not happening.

4. conceptualize for the shoot for this weekend. i'll be taking photos of my friend this weekend and i don't have a clear concept yet. it's like my creative juices have been drained. i need inspiration, yet this is so difficult to get when you only get sleep for 3 hours for the past 2 days.

5. decide what outfit to wear for the awards night this friday. yearly, the company i work for recognize outstanding employees for their excellent performance for the previous year. as a team manager, i am invited as a guest, but i'm still not sure what to wear.

that's already 5 and there's more. i also need to do some household chores which include, changing my bedsheet and curtains. so many things to do, so little time.

i'm so sleepy right now but i have to start organizing my ipod. while updating my ipod, i'll browse the internet to get inspiration for the shoot. i'll resume editing the photos when i get back from badian this sunday and i'll pack my stuff for my badian weekend after my friday's shift. there, i think i have it figured it out. i think my organization skills are still with me.

now, what to wear for friday?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

new haircut

your attention please!

i got a new haircut. it's a radical change from my super long hair. i got bored with it and i felt i needed some updating. the guy from the salon understood what i wanted so i gave him a freehand with my hair. here it is:

my friends and officemates were surprised to see me sport a new do. but their feedback were all positive so i love all of them. but, tell me what you think. you know me, i'm your attention whore...

*more photos in my multiply homepage. just click here.

Monday, June 2, 2008

sex was in the city

your attention please!

sex was in the city last weekend. well, this seemed like the theme for the weekend. it came but it didn't stay. let me tell you why.

saturday. i met up with two of my buddies and we went to a gay bar. i think the bar's name is really cute. it's called tarzan boy:


it wasn't at all my idea. it was, as a matter of fact my friend's idea, but i was happy to tag along. it was an ok experience. no photos were allowed inside but i've managed to take a snapshot of their neon signage. the place was clean and it felt safe. it didn't give me the feeling that the local police will just show and declare raid. after feasting our eyes (yes, we only watched. no more, no less) on the dancer's almost naked bodies, we went to this bar called numero doce.

i have not been to that place before, so it was my first visit ever. the place was packed and it was screaming sex all over the place. i saw couples lip-locking, french kissing actually, their hands traveling all over each other's bodies. there were all sorts of gay. everybody was well represented. from your rich gay to the working class gay. from the senior citizen down to the high school gay, or probably even grade school gay, from the straight acting down to the cross-dressing, out in the open gay. overall, it was a fun experience for me. i never really thought this club scene exists in cebu. it was my first time so see two people lip lock in front of me. nonetheless, it was a good expsoure for me. but, i'm not sure if i'll ever find myself frequenting the bar, but we'll see.

sunday. i watched sex and the city with a friend and fellow blogger, noel.

i loved the movie, but i slept through the second half of the movie. i did not get any sleep from our saturday barhopping inspired night. i think the dresses were fabulous. although i think i love the series more than the movie because the tv series had more juice. but it was probably mtrcb's censorship that made the movie less juicier. the cuts were so evident. i think samantha jones was amazingly funny. she's my favorite among the four. i got carrie'd away by her acting skills. after the movie, i met up with a guy friend, cedric, to grab some dinner. he has his own blog site as well. he's officially single now, so he's out in the market.

that's cedric wearing my aviators, at night!

ladies, pm me for a hook up. lol! btw, i did a shoot with him, you may click here to view the photos. you all have to see it!