Sunday, June 22, 2008

512 and still counting

your attention please!

i'm so excited right now. i didn't believe it myself. but it's really happening. so what am i talking about? i'm talking about this.

last march i got 328 hits for my friendster account. i thought this was going to be my all time high. but like they always say, the best is yet to come.

and poof! just like that, i opened my friendster account today and oh em gee!!! i receive a whopping (drum roll please) 512 hits! impossible? NOT! take a look at this baby:

june hasn't really closed yet, so i'm really excited what will be my final tally for this month. is this exciting or what? i think i'm the only person who's really excited. but i don't care. you know, little things excite me and this is definitely one of them. i should probably run a fund raising of some sort. for every hit i receive, i will be donating something to a charitable institution somewhere. but, that's too much i guess. i prefer to just write about this whole thing and make a big deal about it.

this is such a cool thing. this whole friendster hits things really puts me in a spot and validates me as your attention whore. yey! 512 profile views. imagine that's like 22 hits per day. yes, i know my math. that's like 512 spread over 23 days so far for the month of june.

now, if only i could figure out a way to also increase my hits for my blogspot account... (",)

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Lyka Bergen said...


More or less, 200 lang yung sa akin! Tse!