Monday, June 16, 2008

the checklist of the checklist

your attention please!

i was in a bind last week, i was almost overwhelmed with so many things to do. i had a checklist as a matter of fact. so here's a follow-up entry, a checklist of the checklist.

i'm already done with item # 1. i've already posted the photos in my multiply page. here's a sampler:

those cheekbones are to die for! there's more of them. so, when you have time, visit my multiply page. just click here. there are still some unprocessed photos, but these photos will never end up being posted (sigh) anyway. this was the request of my subject, who i fondly call as the chinese (not the english) patient. so, i'm technically done but not really. i know i'm confusing you. let's leave it that way.

i'm still doing item #2. in fairness to me, you can't expect somebody to stort through 147 songs in just on seating you know. 147 songs @ probably 4 minutes each equals 9 hours and more. i'm midway through the playlist. i already have a few favorites. among them are songs from chico sci (i'm not sure if they're local or not) and some songs from other bands. i still have 60 or 70 more songs to go. so, rock on!

items 3 and 4 are a goner. i had so much fun in badian. i'll be posting those photos really soon after i'm done working with the photos i took from the awards night (as mentioned in item #5). as for the photoshoot, it went really well. i've already picked which photos to post. i just need to process them. i'll be able to take care of this once i'm done with our badian photos. see how organized i am? one after the other, awards night photos then badian photos and then lastly the photo set from my most recent photoshoot.

we're down to the last item, item #5: what did i wear last friday?

here's what i wore:

i had to rest my yashmaghs for that night since it was a coat and tie event. i didn't want to wear something really formal so i just threw a cardigan over this black polo that went with a tie. so, it was still a coat and tie number (i think), but very contemporary, not really formal. these photos were taken by my co-team manager inside the office. the composition is perfect don't you agree? she could be a photographer too. i'm so happy my managers and colleagues are supportive (or probably tolerant) of me. as a token of my gratitude, i'd like to give them a first look of their picture together with, no less than, our GM (wearing the violet gown) during the awards night:

aren't they lovely? of course they are. i have fabulous friends you know.

fyi: your attention whore was not in this photo. i was the person behind the lens when this shot was taken. tsk, tsk, one of the downsides of being a photographer. to my dear colleagues, watch out for the complete photo set. i'll be uploading them soon!

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Erika said...

omigash, i'm inlove with your new hair! and yes, chicosci is a local band. :P i've always planned on sorting through my songs and stuff but i always end up not doing it anyways. :P